About us

Nicholas Saltarelli Owner and Operator of Saltarelli Industries

Personally, I have been around Westchester County for the over 10 years. As a company, we are a striving to be ambitious and go that extra mile to give you a service like no other, from moving equipment after hours through out the night or first thing in the morning hours. We offer Equipment Transportation, Low-Boy Services, Rolloff Boxes, Dump Truck Services and the flexibility to get the job done.

  • We Offer 24/7 Delivery
  • Specialize in Paving and Asphalt Equipment Moves
  • Top of the Line Safe Equipment for the Right Job
  • 5 Star Independent Service

Services We Provide

Equipment Transport

Trailer capacity to move small, medium or large equipment. Tag-a-long trailers and low-boy trailers, both designed for low clearance paving or construction equipment.

Equipment Rental Pick Ups and Returns

We work with dealers and rental firms directly, making it easier to return your finish rentals or to receive your new machinery.

Dump Truck Rental

Delivery of material to your job site or desired location. Blacktop, milling, dirt, rock, stone and other aggregate experience.

Live Load Services

Lowering load height for easier and safer loading measure. Perfect for concrete side walk removal or large rock loading of materials.

Heavy Duty Flat Bed Truck Services

Picking up steel road plates, smaller equipment, machinery attachments and any other job site related materials that large trailers can not deliver.

Tri-state Area

Servicing Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT and Rockland County, NY.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our crew has a knowledge and understanding of construction because of our actual experience working in the field. We have also been told we are professional and a pleasure to deal with.

We cover everything from workers comp to full liability. We even have policy in place for protecting our customers equipment if it is ever damaged during transport. Full liability from start to finish.

24-48 hour prior to any machine size move is best. We strive for fast turn around and quick service. Emergency moves are welcomed 24/7.

Numbers Do Not Lie



Our first set-up is a pick-up truck and a 8 ton tilt trailer. That is great for the in a pinch moves or the smaller size machine, such as small rollers, skid steers, Mini excavators, or even road plates. Great for the job sites located in tight areas big trucks can’t get into.



We also offer 25 ton tag-a-long trailer. Which is a 24’ flat deck 6’ beaver tail which give more room for multiple machine pick ups from same site. For example, moving a mini excavator and skid steer. Two machines for one price move. The trailer is also designed for moving paving machinery with low ground clearance such as pavers, rollers, lifts, and tractors.



We also have low-boy services that features a Paver style trailer called gentile riser. Perfect for Paving machinery and also features boom well for large excavators as well. 25’ flat deck plus another 17’ over the wheel covers.

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